Close to the western edge of the great desert Dasht-e-Kavir, 200 kilometres east of Isfahan is the picturesque city of Nain. In the city, one can see the characteristic clay buildings and one of the oldest mosques in Iran with remains from the 10th century.

Carpets from the city have a high reputation and are very popular. Material, as well as the workmanship, is of the highest class and the knot density is high; often more than one million knots per square meter. The material in the more exclusive carpets consists of wool on a silk warp or silk in the warp as well as in the weft and pile.

Hardly any other hand-knotted rug is as appreciated as the Nain. Nain carpets belong to the finest handicrafts of Iran. The city lies on the border of one of Iran’s largest deserts, the Dasht-e-Kavir. Hardly anyone has not seen a Nain carpet at least on pictures.

Carpets from Nain have their own categorization, which divides them into classes. Depending on the knotting density, a distinction is made between 4La, 6La, 9La and 12La. The following applies: the smaller the number, the higher the quality and more elaborate the carpet. A 4La has Knotting densities of over one million knots per square metre and is therefore very interesting for collectors. This class belongs with the Isfahan Rugs to the finest Persian rugs at all. Such masterpieces are made over a period of one year by the most experienced weavers in the country. The density of the related knotting on the carpet fringes is controllable. If a fringe consists of about two threads, it is a 4La. Consists of but she’s made of three, you’ve got a 6La in front of you.

The excellent quality and the fine knotting make Nain rugs a highly sought-after piece of craftsmanship by rug connoisseurs. Traditional Nain patterns have a central medallion surrounded by floral patterns. Not to be denied is the resemblance to rugs from the nearby town of Isfahan. Typically Nain carpets are dyed red, blue or beige on the surface. Particularly fine Nain rugs are made entirely of silk. These silk carpets naturally have higher prices than those made of wool, for example. If you are looking for special luxury, you will find what you are looking for in Nain rugs.