The term Turkaman carpets covers a whole range of carpets from different regions such as Uzbekistan, Turkemistan and Afghanistan. Carpets woven by the Turkmen ethnic group include Bashir, Tekke, and Yomut carpets. The names refer to different Turkmen tribes that have developed and woven their own patterns.

A distinction must be made between traditional Turkmen carpets and industrially produced mass-produced Turkmen-style carpets from India and Pakistan. Like all nomadic carpets, the patterns are plain and simple and of coarser make. The predominant colour is red. A blanket pattern is common

A Turkmen carpet (Turkmen: Tuerkmen haly; or Turkmen rug or Turkoman carpet) is a type of handmade floor textile that traditionally originated in Central Asia. It is useful to distinguish between the original Turkmen tribal carpets and the carpets that are now produced in large quantities for export, mainly in Pakistan and Iran. The original Turkmen carpets were made by the Turkmen tribes, which are the main ethnic group in Turkmenistan and are also found in Afghanistan and Iran. They are used for various purposes, including as tent rugs, door hangings, and bags in various sizes