Vintage/Overdyed persian rugs are 30 to 40 years old carpets that are created through a multi-step process of bleaching, color saturation and a special drying process. This gives the rugs their amazing bold, deep colors. They are a great way to get the feel of a traditional Persian rug with a more updated, modern look.

Overdyed rugs are vintage pieces which retain their original visual structure. Use dye to update a faded or outdated color scheme to a more monotone, on-trend palette,

In recent years, a new trend emerged in the rug industry that has seen older rugs being given a make-over to complement the modern home. While the patterns and colors of traditional area rugs remain an exquisite insight into regional craftsmanship of Persian and Anatolia, many find that their time-honored styles do not fit into the interior designs of contemporary living. This is why “distressed” vintage rugs or overdyed vintage rugs have become so popular – not only do they give a new lease of life to an aged carpet, but they add a vibrant splash of color into our lives, while still exuding the timeless class of an original handcrafted piece of art