French Aubusson Flat Woven Rug 560cm x 370cm Hand Made


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French Aubusson Flat Woven Rug, Handmade ,100% Wool

Size: 560cm x 370cm

Please view the pictures carefully to appreciate this beautiful carpet and its quality

PS. Pictures may appear slightly brighter than the actual carpet

Aubusson rugs are named after their place of origin: Aubusson in France. They were especially in vogue at French courts of the 18th century. Since the middle of the 20th century they have been celebrating their comeback and set a new trend worldwide. Hand woven in China, they still match the French originals in technique, coloring, design and quality. Aubussons are handmade from pure wool. Their common features are pastel hues, geometric patterns, and flowered designs. Hues vary from soft to strong tones. A specialty is their extra thin weaving, since they have no pile. Still they are fit for use on the floor, since they are extremely durable. These rugs go very well with wooden furniture in classical environments.


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