Afghan Rugs

Afghanistan is situated in the south of Asia, adjoining Iran and Turkmenistan to the west, Uzbekistan and Tadzjikistan in the north together with Pakistan and China in the east.

The capital of the city is Kabul and the main part of the country is covered with mountains. Only a tenth of the countrys area is fruitful, but at the same time among the most fruiftul in the world. The population, the Afghans , represent the most of diverse ethnic groups (tribes) where the Pashtuns are the largest. Other large ethnic groups are the Tadjics, the Hazars and the Uzbekis.

Afghanistan, the country shaken by the war of recent years, has a long history of carpet knotting. It consists mainly of mountains, which can be admired from an airplane at good weather.

There are different kinds of Afghan Rugs. Especially popular are Khal Mohammadi or Afghan Aqche. Afghan Carpets are usually knotted in the northern part of the country.

However, Afghan refugees have also set up their own production in Pakistan. Traditionally, Afghan carpets are knotted in the colours of the red spectrum. Dark tones predominate here the lighter ones. Patterns and designs are dominated by Göl – an octagonal row pattern – and stars, which are also octagonal. These are knotted on the dark red background together with stylised floral patterns such as flowers in the colours blue and beige.

While Khal Mohammadi are knotted by Afghans, Afghan Aqche are mostly made by Turkmen. Self-produced wool from sheep and goats is used in materials. Afghan carpets are produced in almost all sizes.