Very Fine Persian Afshar Carpet 228cm x 156cm Hand Knotted



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Fine Persian Afshar Carpet

-100% Wool
-Size: 228cm x 156cm
-Comes with certificate of authenticity


Around the city of Kerman in the southeast of Iran reside the semi-nomads from the Afshar tribe. For hundreds of years, these nomads lived in the northwest of Iran, but a part of the tribe was compulsorily transferred to today’s area, where carpet manufacturing became an important branch of business.

The carpets have red and blue colour tones and mostly geometrical patterns. The most common pattern contains a large centrepiece with one or more squared medallions, some say that this symbolizes a hide stretched for preparation. Today, medallions also occur and are typical of the Afshar carpets as they are also relatively wide in relation to its length.

In the nearby city of Shahr Babak, similar carpets are manufactured, with a higher density and with more detailed patterns. Afshar carpets are also known on the market under the name of Sirdjan.


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